The Bruker Auburn facility (formerly Michrom BioResources) is now focused exclusively on the development of state of the art LC instrumentation for hyphenated analytical solutions (LC-MS, LC-NMR & LC-ICPMS), as well as supporting our legacy customers. As part of this refocusing effort, Bruker has consolidated HPLC and CaptiveSpray product lines previously manufactured in Auburn with those in our other manufacturing sites.  Parts are still available for the legacy Michrom instruments and sources through our Fremont location.  Michrom's HPLC consumable line (columns, traps, digests) have been discontinued and are no longer available.  We hope that this action will not have a significant impact on your current operations.  For more information, please contact our technical support center at +1(877) 442-2231 or send an email to


Nano Column and Trap Offered Again

 We are happy to announce that Bruker has decided to re-instate the sell of our most popular trap and column.  These offerings include the trap and column used most often with the nano-Advance UHPLC system.  New part numbers have been created for purchase through our Fremont facility and production is up and running.  Please contact for details.

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